The true pop princess, Brit Brit , just released her new song “Pretty Girls” ft. Iggy and to be honest I am incredibly impressed with her vocals in this one, she sounds like the 21 year old Britney here.People may say that it’s auto-tune but people say that about almost every electro-pop song that’s dropped.  Truth is, this song is very catchy and has the makings of a summer hit.

“Pretty girls” also has a few glitches.  It’s quite evident how much this song sounds a lot like “Fancy” by Iggy . (Both songs were produced by The Invisible Men).That could be a bad thing cause it just doesn’t have that fresh sound that “Fancy” did when it was first dropped.  Now it just feels like I’ve heard it before. Now, Britney to me ,is a living pop legend. I just wish that she would try to keep up her style and sound more like her old self that people adore (and try to copy all the time ) than trying to keep current with this whole ” electro-hop” business .She’s better than this really, she’s supposed to be the trendsetter here. But she just makes so many bad decisions that  kind of downplay her entire career. I miss that “In The Zone” and “Blackout” Britney. That was real original Britney pop.
Some aspects of this song, though, remind me of the Blackout era.  The lyrics are vain, and she’s praising her untouchable sex symbol- self.  Iggy’s verse is short (thank God) and oh no, she said the “Iggy Iggz” thing again. No, like, seriously she needs to get some new lines. These are the reasons why people don’t take Iggy seriously at all lol.
This song to Britney, is like what 7/11 is to Beyonce. Won’t go  very well with her die hard fans, but people will still jam to it because it’s catchy and fun.  I really don’t mind it though, I love it when Britney experiments. I’m just not sure that going the Iggy Azalea route was the best decision considering she’s the most hated artist at the moment.  For some reason, I feel like if she got Nicki Minaj on this, there would have a much better response( and VERSE). But oh well, it is what it is.
I love Britney, and I think that the song is cheeky & fun.  It’s probably going to be one of those songs I’ll end up hating  it for being overplayed but it’s all good. I’m just waiting on that music video. I hope that there’s a lot of dancing 😉


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