In the past year alone, the underground music scene in Nairobi has been bursting with so much talent and ingenuity. It has many hidden gems  who you may not necessarily hear on the radio or see on television. You just need to know where to look.
PyroNairo might be a hashtag you’ve seen one someone’s Facebook presumptuously as they post a link to a song, but do you really know what it means? The term “Pyro” itself means something related to fire. I know it sounds corny but when you listen to music being put out you can be assured that it’s nothing less than flames.
In an effort to collaborate and put out more music that speaks for the current generation in Nairobi, PyroNairo was formed. It has a roster of artists such as R.I.Z.E, Mr. Lu, Duke & Haze, Twin$ouls, Alfa Mars, Avionix amongst other emerging talents who meet up regularly and jam in the studio, making beats, rapping, singing and generally pushing the boundaries of creativity. But other than being an eclectic collective of vibrant artists(producers, rappers, singers,photographers) , PyroNairo is a movement.
“PyroNairo” a photo documentary by Adrian Mola
It’s almost like a small cell within the wider sphere of #NuNairobi,  the ongoing surge of musical and artistic innovation happening with the current generation in Nairobi. The concept of it is genius in itself, and insanely productive since it’s now an avenue where these artists can create , share resources,practice, perform, and generally improve at what they do.  PyroNairo is special in that  it gives these artists a sense of belonging and belief that they can work together to achieve the unimaginable. The movement invites fans and friends  to participate and witness the process ,thwarting the bounds of exclusivity and vanity. It’s wonderful to be able to watch this alliance flourish and to see these young artists hanging out together,  making art and having fun all while doing it.You might want to check out what they’ve been up to lately .
You can access more fire tunes by PYRONAIRO on their Soundcloud page.


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