Here’s another random list of the albums released thus far in 2015 that I absolutely fell in love with. On a side note, even though I’m more of a hip-hop fan, this year I’ve ventured and tried to listen to genres I normally shunned away because I didn’t think they were ‘hard’ enough lol. I can say now that I’ve listened to some incredible music this year  because I opened my mind just a little bit and let the music speak for itself rather than my preconceived notions of certain artists or styles.

But anyway, some of you asked me to do this list so here it is for y’all !!! I’ve also put links to the album reviews of most of the LPs just in case some of you need a more detailed insight. Make sure you let me know your lists as well in the comment section!!  🙂
EARL SWEATSHIRT – I Dont Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside
I was actually sleepin’ on Earl before this album , I didn’t mind his earlier stuff but I just never seemed to connect but in this LP his lyrical ability really came out and y’all know how I love my raps! So I was definitely impressed with this release, and especially the fact that a 21 year old could dive so deep and be able to express his deepest thoughts and fears so articulately. I also could relate to the entire theme of the album so it really hit home for me! IDLSIDGO is one of my fave hiphop records out this year fo sho’!
Yes, I AM an Imagine Dragons fan… but I’m just a really shitty fan. I even found out this album had been released like months later because I just don’t keep up with them as much as I want to considering how much I LOVE their music. Coming off their debut LP “Night Visions” which had the critically acclaimed hit songs “Demons” and “Radioactive” I had high hopes for this one.. My fondness for this band actually caught me by surprise, I’ve never really been into rock much less  INDIE-ROCK and there I was .. enjoying an Imagine Dragons’ record a lot more than I expected.. I love the emotional elements in their music , it’s why I connect so deeply with them. Dan Reynolds, their front man, is like one of my favorite human beings in the world. Do you ever just listen to lyrics that describe your entire life and even your  darkest thoughts and you’re just like wHAT ? How did you EVEN? Yeah that’s how I felt when listening to their first album , as well as this one. Now some may say this album wasn’t as much of a commercial success as their debut but isn’t that just expected anyway? But judging from the music alone, I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Do I really have to explain this? For those who may be new to this blog, Lupe is my favorite rapper and also the reason I started blogging about music in the first place lol. Nevertheless , this album raised the bar for lyricism and hip hop in general. It’s an absolute lyrical masterpiece!
This album is just some indie rock on LSD! This is my favorite psych record out this year. Like psychedelic music opens up some new dimensions inside your mind that you didn’t even know you had. It just takes you to new heights. I’m so happy I got my hands on this LP.
YESSS! The most talked about rap album of the year so far! Why wouldn’t this be on my list? I’m black so this just automatically made the list, even without mentioning the lyrical consciousness and empowering vibes that this LP bathes in. Let’s not forget the different musical approach that Kendrick took with this album, working with the likes of Thundercat to produce a catchy and funky sound. This album is probably going in my “Albums of the decade list” too.
So um those are my TOP albums but here are some notable mentions.

  • Joey Bada$$ – b4.da.$$
This list may seem short but it’s not because I thought most of the music out this year was crap, it’s just that there’s not many albums that completely impressed me as a body of work. There’s some albums with like 4 out of this world songs and then the rest is just bleh, so these are basically the ones I love as entire units. I’m actually more excited for the remaining quarter of the year, so many of my faves releasing their albums and I’m so pumped. Make sure you check out the next list I’ll post about “My Most Anticipated Albums of this year” .


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