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Odie is the Toronto Born, Bay Area raised artist of Nigerian roots who cites African gospel, the melodies of Fela Kuti, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Kid Cudi as his major influences. Evidently, his music brings together all of his diverse influences ; the finished product being a fresh yet refined take on contemporary R&B.

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THE BEST OF THE 70s: Barry White & Love Unlimited

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By the time I was born, Barry White was already winning lifetime achievement awards and being referred to as a legend of soul music. It’s kind of interesting that now, 21 years later, I have come to be a huge fan of his. Honestly, I’m probably one of the few people of my age who spend a large amount of time listening to the classics rather than bumping the latest Lil Uzi Vert. I’m not judging , just saying. I’m an old soul, I like music that makes me feel things not music that helps me forget my feelings. I don’t know, as a curator and music enthusiast, studying the styles of music from the past has also really helped me understand the origins of certain trends, patterns and styles that occur in music today.

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Recently got to listen to Sunni  Colón’s new EP “Thierry Disko” which is comprised of 7 extremely groovy tunes.   Colón’s  blend of disco, funk and soul definitely makes you want to continue listening, and perhaps nod your head or dance as you do it.  The EP is mostly upbeat but it also has some psychedelic rock vibes especially in “California Diamond” . Continue reading


When Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction, millions of hearts broke all around the world, including mine. If you guys haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a fan girl, always have been. Yes, I had One Direction and Justin Bieber posters in my room as a teenager(still do actually lol) , and the thought that the boy-band I had fell in love with at 15 was now going to be incomplete was unbearable at the time. Despite all this, I knew in my heart that Zayn was doing the right thing. I personally always thought he was a bit different from the rest of the band so him breaking out didn’t shock me too much.

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I’m gonna speak for myself and say that I didn’t know about Anderson .Paak till about last year after he featured on Dr. Dre’s album “Compton”. I only paid more attention to him after I found out that one of my favorite artists right now , Pomo, had produced a song on Paak’s latest album “Malibu”. That caught my attention, because well, IT’S POMO, but when I listened to the song , I  was obviously blown away by the talents that this West- Coast based rapper, singer and producer boasts.

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Found about these guys about three months ago and I’ve pretty much just been trying to figure out who they are and what they are all about.  The first song I heard by them is actually the one I’ve posted but turns out the music they mostly make isn’t even like that. The duo from Amsterdam are actually dangerously good at producing deep house although they do their best to stretch out into every genre .

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