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Odie is the Toronto Born, Bay Area raised artist of Nigerian roots who cites African gospel, the melodies of Fela Kuti, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Kid Cudi as his major influences. Evidently, his music brings together all of his diverse influences ; the finished product being a fresh yet refined take on contemporary R&B.

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THE BEST OF THE 70s: Barry White & Love Unlimited

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By the time I was born, Barry White was already winning lifetime achievement awards and being referred to as a legend of soul music. It’s kind of interesting that now, 21 years later, I have come to be a huge fan of his. Honestly, I’m probably one of the few people of my age who spend a large amount of time listening to the classics rather than bumping the latest Lil Uzi Vert. I’m not judging , just saying. I’m an old soul, I like music that makes me feel things not music that helps me forget my feelings. I don’t know, as a curator and music enthusiast, studying the styles of music from the past has also really helped me understand the origins of certain trends, patterns and styles that occur in music today.

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So I made a playlist for ..umm… making babies

I’m a big lover of R&B especially from the 90’s and just anything deep, intense and sensual and I figured I might as well share with y’all some of the songs which are fit for playing while you’re doing the damn thing lol (In my Opinion ofcourse). Yes, you should definitely fuck to these songs.. thank me later lmfao xx


So I’m doing a first listen review for this. Which means basically I’m writing this as I listen to the album. I might start doing this more often because sometimes I’m just too lazy to describe everything in depth and I just wanna write like a fan!

Beauty Behind the Madness is The Weeknd’s sophomore album which is actually being released tomorrow(Aug 28) lol. I’m just always on top of things like that! The album has a powerful start with the stunning ballad , “Real life” which captures your heart immediately  with it’s sincere lyrics and aggressive beats.

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I must say, I’ve not always been a big fan of The Internet. I liked songs here and there but never really got to that point where I could say that I fuck with their music heavy. But after this album you can definitely  count me in as a fan. I’ve officially been sucked into the whirlwind of soul and acid- jazz that this band exudes.

“Ego Death” starts on an edgier, more confident note with the song “Get Away” with it’s extra sexual and direct lyrics. I’m a super R&B fan, but the really really soulful kind, so I tend to listen to more 90’s stuff. I just feel like the  music was realer, and more straight forward back then. With the Internet , they kind of bring back that feeling , they don’t over-complicate their lyrics, and Syd’s delicate and sensuous voice relaxes your nerves and creates a wonderful sultry atmosphere. In my opinion the best part of their music, is the instrumentation , I mean , they are a band! The ambiance induced by the blend of each instrument is overwhelming and impressive.

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