Just in case y’all didn’t know ,the best music isn’t on your radio, it’s on SOUNDCLOUD. When you hear Australian rapper you might automatically think about Iggy Azalea, but fuck that. There’s some youngins coming out of Australia with mad bars and one of them is BARO. The 18 year old rapper impressed me with his blunt lyrics and the gorgeous vibe that his music carries.

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I always enjoy listening to fresh, upcoming young rappers from any part of the world. As soon as I heard Eleftherios on Soundcloud, I immediately gravitated towards his music. Y’all know I love rap music with substance and Lefty’s music definitely has a conscious touch to it. As young as he is , his rapping style makes you reminisce the golden age of hip hop, and it’s no surprise that he is influenced by the likes of KRS-One, Nas and Tupac. Continue reading

GoldLink wants to be known for his music and not his face.


When XXL released their “Freshmen of the Year” cover a couple of weeks ago, I came across a name that I had previously not even heard of. This of course stirred up a lot of curiosity inside of me , like how could I not know this person? I’m supposed to be keeping tabs with all the upcoming spitters in the game right now. This little mystery went by the name of Goldlink, and I was determined to unravel it song by song.

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