Mick Jenkins' new mixtape, Wave[s], is out August 21.

EP REVIEW: Mick Jenkins – Wave[s]

Mick Jenkins is a Chicago Emcee who received national attention last year with his 4th mixtape ‘The Water[s]’. The project contained heavy imagery of water, using it as a symbol for many different concepts and social issues. The Water[s] also impressed with it’s sonic consistency. Murky sub bass, heavy snare and high hats, and beautiful synths to add a watery atmosphere make up most of the tracklist. The project as a whole made the listener feel submerged in the deep, dark ocean.

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Just in case y’all didn’t know ,the best music isn’t on your radio, it’s on SOUNDCLOUD. When you hear Australian rapper you might automatically think about Iggy Azalea, but fuck that. There’s some youngins coming out of Australia with mad bars and one of them is BARO. The 18 year old rapper impressed me with his blunt lyrics and the gorgeous vibe that his music carries.

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Bishop Nehru is one of the most exciting upcoming rappers to burst on to the scene in the past year. At the tender age of 18, he’s already released a collaboration album with MFDOOM(yes, DOOM himself, yes I know that’s crazy), he produces a lot of his music and his latest EP  was executively produced by Nas. Woah, as a hiphop head I  immediately  took note and realized that this guy is the real deal. When Nas and MF Doom endorse a certain person’s music you know it’s gonna be really good.

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Nas is one of the most prolific lyricists of all time. Alone he has inspired an entire generation of lyricists including my favorite rapper Lupe. Nas has been mentioned countless times as the “Rapper who made me like Hiphop” or “The one who inspired me to start writing raps”. His album “Illmatic” is probably the most critically acclaimed and celebrated rap album of all time. He mastered the art of storytelling, making the listener feel as if they knew him personally and were with him in the streets of NYC at that time. I don’t really have to say much about him to prove that he is one of the greatest rappers AND lyricists of all time, you just need to listen.




“I’m The Only Conversation If You Speaking Up On Long Beach…”

Vince Staples – Summertime ‘06(Def Jam & ARTrium Recordings/2015)

Vince Staples is not a West Coast Rapper and states he’s never seen low riders except at car events. This strikes most as odd  since Vince hails from Long Beach,California and is a short trip to Los Angeles but don’t let the location fool you as these are two different worlds and on his explosive studio debut Vince weaves tales from his youth in Long Beach into a compelling narrative. The album features production credits from one-time Kanye mentor NO I.D, DJ Dahi, Christian Rich and blog darling Clams Casino who delivers standout tracks in the form of gritty “NorfNorf” and the hard hitting “Surf” where Vince delivers quotables such as “More black kids killed from a pill than the FEDs in the projects/In the planned parenthood playin’ God with ya mom’s check, you ain’t even been to prom yet”

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