So I found out about this guy on one of my usual rounds on either Spotify or Soundcloud sometime last year.  I can’t even begin to explain how stimulating and addicting his music is to me. I’ll admit, he makes my kind of shit, but anyone with a good ear  for music would surely love this.

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I’m gonna speak for myself and say that I didn’t know about Anderson .Paak till about last year after he featured on Dr. Dre’s album “Compton”. I only paid more attention to him after I found out that one of my favorite artists right now , Pomo, had produced a song on Paak’s latest album “Malibu”. That caught my attention, because well, IT’S POMO, but when I listened to the song , I  was obviously blown away by the talents that this West- Coast based rapper, singer and producer boasts.

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I posted about this guy a few months ago but I didn’t really dive into detail. Well, I realized I should probably write a full review since I actually can’t go a day without listening to his music. From his original tracks to his remixes to his dj sets, I’m in love with everything Pomo touches. I randomly discovered him on a Spotify playlist , had a “hallelujah” moment and I’ve been hooked ever since. The producer from Montreal makes a colorful, and groovy sound that combines upbeat drums and  luscious synths with softer, more soulful elements.

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