I must say, I’ve not always been a big fan of The Internet. I liked songs here and there but never really got to that point where I could say that I fuck with their music heavy. But after this album you can definitely  count me in as a fan. I’ve officially been sucked into the whirlwind of soul and acid- jazz that this band exudes.

“Ego Death” starts on an edgier, more confident note with the song “Get Away” with it’s extra sexual and direct lyrics. I’m a super R&B fan, but the really really soulful kind, so I tend to listen to more 90’s stuff. I just feel like the  music was realer, and more straight forward back then. With the Internet , they kind of bring back that feeling , they don’t over-complicate their lyrics, and Syd’s delicate and sensuous voice relaxes your nerves and creates a wonderful sultry atmosphere. In my opinion the best part of their music, is the instrumentation , I mean , they are a band! The ambiance induced by the blend of each instrument is overwhelming and impressive.

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If you’re a fan of Drake,  then you might consider checking out who many say is his musical doppelganger right here. Kyle!  Formerly  known as K.i.D(Kyle is Determined), Kyle is a singer/rapper from Ventura, California. The moment I heard him the influence of Drake in his music hit me like a truck. From the emotional lyrics to the sweetly sung hooks …even their flow is similar. But with his latest works he’s been trying to  cross over to his own gleeful “pop”-ish sound and style and that seems to be working out as he has gained a massive fan base now.  His rap style is also similar to that of Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino. But let’s quit with all the comparisons for one sec, just check him out and perceive for yourself.I think he’s super duper cool! 😉

Worthy Listens:

“Just a Picture” ft Kehlani

“Don’t wanna fall in love.”

“View from Hollywood.”

t is.



The true pop princess, Brit Brit , just released her new song “Pretty Girls” ft. Iggy and to be honest I am incredibly impressed with her vocals in this one, she sounds like the 21 year old Britney here.People may say that it’s auto-tune but people say that about almost every electro-pop song that’s dropped.  Truth is, this song is very catchy and has the makings of a summer hit.

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