First of all, JOE KAY needs to get hold of this guy’s music and play like three of his songs on Soulection as soon as possible. (I’m gonna spam him on twitter if I need to seriously). I feel like some of his music would fit right in there. The world ain’t even ready for M³ . I am so so so appalled by this young artist’s ability to compose music which is  so freakin’ classy,  and up-to-standard. Perhaps his proficiency at creating and arranging music is aided by the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, combine that with natural talent and a young musician’s zeal and you have a bomb waiting to explode.

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Hey guys…. As any other music junkie I kind of live on soundcloud( you should follow me if you wana keep up with what I’m listening to : my soundcloud) , and every now and then I discover some truly gifted artists on there who deserve SO MUCH MORE attention. I recently found these guys from New Zealand (yeah, random right?) and they are just brilliant.  Quite frankly I’ve been hooked ever since I heard “All Over You” , a really smooth track with the sickest bass line ever. I’m just obsessed with the instrumentation in their music.   Their name really matches their style because their music is quite relaxing . I’d love to see them live . .. Anyway, enough of me babbling.. check them out  & thank me later x

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So apparently there’s this 18 year old Toronto born singer called Alessia Cara who is getting heavily slept on by the world. The Def Jam artist recently got signed from her own amateur Youtube videos where she did amazing acoustic song covers.  She has a beautiful silky voice that keeps you wishing the songs were longer and the fact that she writes her own songs just makes her so freaking cool.  Make sure you give her a listen , I bet she’s going to be huge one day.

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I always enjoy listening to fresh, upcoming young rappers from any part of the world. As soon as I heard Eleftherios on Soundcloud, I immediately gravitated towards his music. Y’all know I love rap music with substance and Lefty’s music definitely has a conscious touch to it. As young as he is , his rapping style makes you reminisce the golden age of hip hop, and it’s no surprise that he is influenced by the likes of KRS-One, Nas and Tupac. Continue reading