I guess it’s finally time we put a spotlight on Tanzanian music on this godamn blog !Whenever you think about Tanzanian music honestly don’t you just think of that music that Ali Kiba , Diamond Platinumz and  the rest do? All that music is great, don’t get me wrong but during my usual rounds on Soundcloud I came across a rapper who gave me some new insight into Tanzanian music and especially Tanzanian hip-hop. Brian Simba is his name, and his mixtape “Masaki Theory”  carries such individualism (something a lot of East African artists lack by the way) , and it’s of such stellar quality that I was actually disappointed in myself for not discovering him sooner.

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First of all, JOE KAY needs to get hold of this guy’s music and play like three of his songs on Soulection as soon as possible. (I’m gonna spam him on twitter if I need to seriously). I feel like some of his music would fit right in there. The world ain’t even ready for M³ . I am so so so appalled by this young artist’s ability to compose music which is  so freakin’ classy,  and up-to-standard. Perhaps his proficiency at creating and arranging music is aided by the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, combine that with natural talent and a young musician’s zeal and you have a bomb waiting to explode.

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So I found out about this guy on one of my usual rounds on either Spotify or Soundcloud sometime last year.  I can’t even begin to explain how stimulating and addicting his music is to me. I’ll admit, he makes my kind of shit, but anyone with a good ear  for music would surely love this.

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I posted about this guy a few months ago but I didn’t really dive into detail. Well, I realized I should probably write a full review since I actually can’t go a day without listening to his music. From his original tracks to his remixes to his dj sets, I’m in love with everything Pomo touches. I randomly discovered him on a Spotify playlist , had a “hallelujah” moment and I’ve been hooked ever since. The producer from Montreal makes a colorful, and groovy sound that combines upbeat drums and  luscious synths with softer, more soulful elements.

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Here’s a list of some the best remixes I’ve ever heard. This list ranges from songs released in the 90’s to even  last year. It’s an ordered list even though I don’t really think I can rank some of these songs. Some of them are remarkable and just timeless. I’m sure many of you will recognize them because they were really poppin’ when they were first released and even the really old ones are still jams. What’s weird is a lot of names are repeated on this list, guess some artists just really know how to do a remix!

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