Nas is one of the most prolific lyricists of all time. Alone he has inspired an entire generation of lyricists including my favorite rapper Lupe. Nas has been mentioned countless times as the “Rapper who made me like Hiphop” or “The one who inspired me to start writing raps”. His album “Illmatic” is probably the most critically acclaimed and celebrated rap album of all time. He mastered the art of storytelling, making the listener feel as if they knew him personally and were with him in the streets of NYC at that time. I don’t really have to say much about him to prove that he is one of the greatest rappers AND lyricists of all time, you just need to listen.

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For this week’s segment I chose Mf Doom because in my opinion he’s definitely one of the most underappreciated lyricists/rappers of all time.  He started out in the group KMD with MC Rodan and his younger brother, DJ Subroc, who was tragically killed in 1993.  This deeply affected him, making him retreat from the hip hop scene for 3 years . However, he later on managed to have a prolific career even without a lot of publicity. He rarely does interviews and wears a mask similar to Marvel’s super villain, DR. DOOM, to obscure his face.

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Angered and frustrated by the current perspective of lyricism by today’s generation, I have decided to do this “Lyricist of the week” segment in an attempt to revive and conserve the true meaning of lyricism. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what other music is  being put out there, the standards of hip hop should remain the same . So this is also to kind of honor some of the greatest rappers of all time , and the rappers whom I think everyone who claims to be a hip hop fan should listen to 😉 Rakim is first on my list because, well, it’s Rakim. Lol. Check him out!


Album Review: Lupe Fiasco- Tetsuo and Youth

EVERYONE KNOWS I LOVE LUPE TO DEATH ! From the “About” section of this blog,  you can see the impact that Lupe Fiasco has had on my life, and my love for music particularly hip hop, as well as blogging. He’s basically the reason why I even started doing this, the reason why this blog exists. So bear with me if I can’t find words to  describe this album as well as I’d love to.(I’M STILL DIGESTING ITS AMAZINGNESS). I honestly find it hard to fathom that Lupe outdid himself yet again and released another priceless work of art which may only be fully appreciated by the world ten years from now.

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