2015 was an epic year for music, and even though I’m a hip-hop head I found myself gravitating towards other genres and other styles a bit more this year(with no regrets). I’ve listened to some amazing music this year and I can’t wait for what 2016 has in store for us!

Note: Today is the anniversary of the day this blog was created, 30th Dec 2011. Happy anniversary to us! 

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MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2015 (so far…)

Here’s another random list of the albums released thus far in 2015 that I absolutely fell in love with. On a side note, even though I’m more of a hip-hop fan, this year I’ve ventured and tried to listen to genres I normally shunned away because I didn’t think they were ‘hard’ enough lol. I can say now that I’ve listened to some incredible music this year  because I opened my mind just a little bit and let the music speak for itself rather than my preconceived notions of certain artists or styles.

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Album Review: Kendrick Lamar- TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY

I’m telling y’all , being black has never felt so good. Being authentically African feels even better. Kendrick Lamar has rekindled my love for my own identity and culture with his latest masterwork, To Pimp A Butterfly. This album is fire, like I don’t know how many fire emojis I’m gonna have to use to describe it. It might just be one of the most difficult albums that I’ve had to review simply because this isn’t just another album, it’s an experience. I honestly believe that there is no adjective that can be used to describe the artistic and contextual excellence of this album. I won’t even stress myself using words like “amazing”  ,” mind-blowing”, “epic” , To Pimp A Butterfly is above and beyond that. It’s perfection.

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