Here’s a list of some the best remixes I’ve ever heard. This list ranges from songs released in the 90’s to even  last year. It’s an ordered list even though I don’t really think I can rank some of these songs. Some of them are remarkable and just timeless. I’m sure many of you will recognize them because they were really poppin’ when they were first released and even the really old ones are still jams. What’s weird is a lot of names are repeated on this list, guess some artists just really know how to do a remix!

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To me this should be Kanye West ft. Vic Mensa lol. Don’t get me wrong, this  video is really entertaining  but this just sounds and looks like a Kanye West song.  Generic trap beats ,mediocre bars and Vic Mensa actually let Kanye  overshadow him in his own song. It seems like he went to the studio and just did what Kanye wanted. The video is aggressive and unusual and I’ve seen many youtube comments saying they’re only watching it to see Kanye. If the attention is what you wanted Vic, then there you have it but I’m not impressed! #Rule 1 don’t change your style to try and get more fans, why? You might end up losing your die hard fans in the process and also, we already have one Kanye we don’t need two.


Album Review: Tyler The Creator -CHERRY BOMB

Holy Moses! I have immersed myself in this album for a while now(hence the late review) and I’ve been doing my best to wrap my head around it’s dynamic, noisy, but incredibly groovy sound. This album is madness, and I mean that literally. Cherry Bomb is the perfect title for it since it could bless your ears but it might as well damage them . I love Tyler,  I really wanna be his friend lol .He’s proven once again  that he doesn’t want to be a part of the crowd. Cherry Bomb, is creatively and musically in its own lane. You can hear influences here and there but as a whole it sounds pretty different from anything else out this year.



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