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Better watch out for this British Electronic-Soul duo.  They make really chill music with heavy synths and great harmonies. Their style also has a lot of 80’s power pop influence. I’ve been hooked to “Gone are the Days” since I first heard it.  Thank me later x



Hey guys…. As any other music junkie I kind of live on soundcloud( you should follow me if you wana keep up with what I’m listening to : my soundcloud) , and every now and then I discover some truly gifted artists on there who deserve SO MUCH MORE attention. I recently found these guys from New Zealand (yeah, random right?) and they are just brilliant.  Quite frankly I’ve been hooked ever since I heard “All Over You” , a really smooth track with the sickest bass line ever. I’m just obsessed with the instrumentation in their music.   Their name really matches their style because their music is quite relaxing . I’d love to see them live . .. Anyway, enough of me babbling.. check them out  & thank me later x

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twitter : @LE_ISURE



I always enjoy listening to fresh, upcoming young rappers from any part of the world. As soon as I heard Eleftherios on Soundcloud, I immediately gravitated towards his music. Y’all know I love rap music with substance and Lefty’s music definitely has a conscious touch to it. As young as he is , his rapping style makes you reminisce the golden age of hip hop, and it’s no surprise that he is influenced by the likes of KRS-One, Nas and Tupac. Continue reading