So I found out about this guy on one of my usual rounds on either Spotify or Soundcloud sometime last year.  I can’t even begin to explain how stimulating and addicting his music is to me. I’ll admit, he makes my kind of shit, but anyone with a good ear  for music would surely love this.

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Better known as FKJ , this Tours-born producer has got me addicted to his smooth, soulful and even funky sound. He combines elements of tropical house, eletronic, hip-hop, and R&B  in perfect arrangements resulting in the most chilled out stuff you’ll ever hear.  FKJ makes music that switches up your mood in one second and gets you feeling positive , and inspired. Basically it just screams GOOD VIBES when you listen to it.

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Oh yes! I’ve been really pumped up about this one. “In Colour” is the debut solo effort by Jamie xx from the British indie-pop band, The xx. Now The xx is that band I like to listen to while I’m chilling in my room , aimlessly browsing through tumblr  looking for depression quotes and stuff but this LP is far from depressing. It’s definitely looking the album of the summer for me right now. Jamie, who is  well known for producing Drake’s endearing duet with Rihanna “Take Care”, asserts his individual ability yet again in this LP. With it he creates a rich amalgamation of future garage, trip hop, house and electronic.

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The U.K house scene these days..

Hey guys!!! Damn it’s a while since I’ posted on here. Being a Computer Science student kinda doesn’t leave time for extra-curricular activities. But anyways, while I was away I was avidly listening to music as always,  thinking of what to review on  next. Lately all I’ve been listening to (well, most of the time) has been a lots of UK garage, electronic, deep house and blends of dubstep and pop and all that. I literally can’t get enough of that stuff, and I’ve realized that there’s loads of incredible talent breeding out of the U.K making all these hits .. so  I decided to do a review on my current faves.

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