So I found out about this guy on one of my usual rounds on either Spotify or Soundcloud sometime last year.  I can’t even begin to explain how stimulating and addicting his music is to me. I’ll admit, he makes my kind of shit, but anyone with a good ear  for music would surely love this.

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So much talent goes unnoticed or under-appreciated in Kenya and I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t listen to local music as much as I probably should but quality stuff always catches my ear . Lately I’ve been hearing incredible music that only proves how promising our industry is.  I’m writing this because I’m pretty much fed up of our artists being slept on! Like is that still a thing? If you get on soundcloud and listen to what some of these guys are creating, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Here’s a few of the Kenyan artists who I think you should be listening to right now.

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I posted about this guy a few months ago but I didn’t really dive into detail. Well, I realized I should probably write a full review since I actually can’t go a day without listening to his music. From his original tracks to his remixes to his dj sets, I’m in love with everything Pomo touches. I randomly discovered him on a Spotify playlist , had a “hallelujah” moment and I’ve been hooked ever since. The producer from Montreal makes a colorful, and groovy sound that combines upbeat drums and  luscious synths with softer, more soulful elements.

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I really had to post this single from Goldlink‘s debut album ” And After That We Didn’t Talk” which has faced much criticism. I was slightly disappointed whilst listening to it because I guess my expectations were really high but it wasn’t so bad. I actually am a fan of his rough vocals , I think they give his music a raw, and soulful feel which is appealing to me compared to all the polished and auto-tuned stuff all over the charts. This song produced by Louie Lastic, is a super catchy and energetic. Although his lyrics tell a story the song still remains light and fun to listen to. Perfect for a dance or hip hop playlist. Check out his album too !!! x