GoldLink wants to be known for his music and not his face.


When XXL released their “Freshmen of the Year” cover a couple of weeks ago, I came across a name that I had previously not even heard of. This of course stirred up a lot of curiosity inside of me , like how could I not know this person? I’m supposed to be keeping tabs with all the upcoming spitters in the game right now. This little mystery went by the name of Goldlink, and I was determined to unravel it song by song.

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Oh yes! I’ve been really pumped up about this one. “In Colour” is the debut solo effort by Jamie xx from the British indie-pop band, The xx. Now The xx is that band I like to listen to while I’m chilling in my room , aimlessly browsing through tumblr  looking for depression quotes and stuff but this LP is far from depressing. It’s definitely looking the album of the summer for me right now. Jamie, who is  well known for producing Drake’s endearing duet with Rihanna “Take Care”, asserts his individual ability yet again in this LP. With it he creates a rich amalgamation of future garage, trip hop, house and electronic.

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Album Review: Rudimental – HOME

Hey guys

Sorry I took so long to post anything. I’ve been a bit busy but anyways, I just wanted to do a lil review on these guys. I have loved them from the first time I heard them. This review comes a bit late I know but I don’t think it matters because there are still some people out there who don’t know who Rudimental are. If you haven’t heard their music, I swear you’re missing out especially if you are a fan of Dance music. These guys are as good as it gets belee dat!

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