THE BEST OF THE 70s: Barry White & Love Unlimited

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By the time I was born, Barry White was already winning lifetime achievement awards and being referred to as a legend of soul music. It’s kind of interesting that now, 21 years later, I have come to be a huge fan of his. Honestly, I’m probably one of the few people of my age who spend a large amount of time listening to the classics rather than bumping the latest Lil Uzi Vert. I’m not judging , just saying. I’m an old soul, I like music that makes me feel things not music that helps me forget my feelings. I don’t know, as a curator and music enthusiast, studying the styles of music from the past has also really helped me understand the origins of certain trends, patterns and styles that occur in music today.

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For this week’s segment I chose Mf Doom because in my opinion he’s definitely one of the most underappreciated lyricists/rappers of all time. ┬áHe started out in the group KMD with MC Rodan and his younger brother, DJ Subroc, who was tragically killed in 1993. ┬áThis deeply affected him, making him retreat from the hip hop scene for 3 years . However, he later on managed to have a prolific career even without a lot of publicity. He rarely does interviews and wears a mask similar to Marvel’s super villain, DR. DOOM, to obscure his face.

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