First of all, JOE KAY needs to get hold of this guy’s music and play like three of his songs on Soulection as soon as possible. (I’m gonna spam him on twitter if I need to seriously). I feel like some of his music would fit right in there. The world ain’t even ready for M³ . I am so so so appalled by this young artist’s ability to compose music which is  so freakin’ classy,  and up-to-standard. Perhaps his proficiency at creating and arranging music is aided by the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, combine that with natural talent and a young musician’s zeal and you have a bomb waiting to explode.

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Recently I was able to have a chat with the remarkably talented Tetu Shani. His latest  release  “Jacaranda Tree”  has a beautiful rhythm which just makes you nod your head as you listen to it. The experienced guitarist  lends his mastery of the instrument to the song really making it his own.  To say the least ,this song is quite  relaxing and the expressiveness in his half-sung half-spoken lyrics definitely makes you wanna listen to it more than once!
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So much talent goes unnoticed or under-appreciated in Kenya and I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t listen to local music as much as I probably should but quality stuff always catches my ear . Lately I’ve been hearing incredible music that only proves how promising our industry is.  I’m writing this because I’m pretty much fed up of our artists being slept on! Like is that still a thing? If you get on soundcloud and listen to what some of these guys are creating, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Here’s a few of the Kenyan artists who I think you should be listening to right now.

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