2015 was an epic year for music, and even though I’m a hip-hop head I found myself gravitating towards other genres and other styles a bit more this year(with no regrets). I’ve listened to some amazing music this year and I can’t wait for what 2016 has in store for us!

Note: Today is the anniversary of the day this blog was created, 30th Dec 2011. Happy anniversary to us! 

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I really had to post this single from Goldlink‘s debut album ” And After That We Didn’t Talk” which has faced much criticism. I was slightly disappointed whilst listening to it because I guess my expectations were really high but it wasn’t so bad. I actually am a fan of his rough vocals , I think they give his music a raw, and soulful feel which is appealing to me compared to all the polished and auto-tuned stuff all over the charts. This song produced by Louie Lastic, is a super catchy and energetic. Although his lyrics tell a story the song still remains light and fun to listen to. Perfect for a dance or hip hop playlist. Check out his album too !!! x



So Disclosure released their sophomore album last week and I couldn’t wait to cop it. Being a huge fan of EDM and UK garage music, Caracal has been one of my most anticipated albums of the year. The brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence,  burst on the scene with their hit song “Latch” featuring Sam Smith back in 2012. They definitely caught my attention back then and ever since I’ve been an avid fan of their music.

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MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2015 (so far…)

Here’s another random list of the albums released thus far in 2015 that I absolutely fell in love with. On a side note, even though I’m more of a hip-hop fan, this year I’ve ventured and tried to listen to genres I normally shunned away because I didn’t think they were ‘hard’ enough lol. I can say now that I’ve listened to some incredible music this year  because I opened my mind just a little bit and let the music speak for itself rather than my preconceived notions of certain artists or styles.

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“I’m The Only Conversation If You Speaking Up On Long Beach…”

Vince Staples – Summertime ‘06(Def Jam & ARTrium Recordings/2015)

Vince Staples is not a West Coast Rapper and states he’s never seen low riders except at car events. This strikes most as odd  since Vince hails from Long Beach,California and is a short trip to Los Angeles but don’t let the location fool you as these are two different worlds and on his explosive studio debut Vince weaves tales from his youth in Long Beach into a compelling narrative. The album features production credits from one-time Kanye mentor NO I.D, DJ Dahi, Christian Rich and blog darling Clams Casino who delivers standout tracks in the form of gritty “NorfNorf” and the hard hitting “Surf” where Vince delivers quotables such as “More black kids killed from a pill than the FEDs in the projects/In the planned parenthood playin’ God with ya mom’s check, you ain’t even been to prom yet”

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