Camille is a freelance writer, music journalist and curator based in Nairobi , Kenya. She began writing in her early teens by posting fan fiction books on Wattpad. She launched  The Camille Way, in 2011 , a music blog where she posts regular song and album reviews aimed at widening the taste of her readers. As the readership of the blog continued to grow she began interviewing local artists as well as covering the goings-on of the underground alternative music scene in Nairobi.

She is also the founder, curator and creative director the Playlist NRBI.

Playlist without Headphones Black (1)

“Playlist is an event curated by journalist Camille Storm with the aim of nurturing a free and open space where DJs, artists, and fans can connect with each other and discover more about the budding alternative music scene in Nairobi ; Playlist features DJ sets, live performances and visual exhibitions reflecting the innovative sounds and trends driving the “NuNairobi” scene both on the internet and the street.”

She also occasionally writes on mental health, terrorism and politics. Her work has been published on The Daily Nation, Thought Catalog, Up Magazine etc. She currently writes for Okayafrica.

I started The Camille Way in 2011 but it’s not the first blog I’ve written. I’ve been blogging since  was around 12.( really young right? lol ) I used to browse Lupe Fiasco fan blogs (shout out to the THE LUPE FIASCO SHOW and lupEND -SKULLS )all the time because he’s my favorite rapper and one day thought to myself how cool it would be to create a space where music lovers could interact and also learn more about new music and new artists. I created a couple of blogs but TCW has been the most rewarding. I love music and I love writing so I guess you put those two together and you have me writing a music blog.  Thanks to all the people who have supported me with the blog and all the other crazy things I like doing .I hope lovers of music or pop culture will find something cool to read on here.






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