Centerfold album cover (via MOTHXR Facebook)

I don’t know why I’ve taken so long to review this album yet it’s one I’ve been bumping on repeat for months now! Perhaps I thought this band is a little too indie for my blog , but it’s good music so why not! Mothxr (pronounced as Mother) is an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve posted about them before but they released their debut album , Centerfold, in February.

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I guess it’s finally time we put a spotlight on Tanzanian music on this godamn blog !Whenever you think about Tanzanian music honestly don’t you just think of that music that Ali Kiba , Diamond Platinumz and  the rest do? All that music is great, don’t get me wrong but during my usual rounds on Soundcloud I came across a rapper who gave me some new insight into Tanzanian music and especially Tanzanian hip-hop. Brian Simba is his name, and his mixtape “Masaki Theory”  carries such individualism (something a lot of East African artists lack by the way) , and it’s of such stellar quality that I was actually disappointed in myself for not discovering him sooner.

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