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Odie is the Toronto Born, Bay Area raised artist of Nigerian roots who cites African gospel, the melodies of Fela Kuti, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Kid Cudi as his major influences. Evidently, his music brings together all of his diverse influences ; the finished product being a fresh yet refined take on contemporary R&B.

Instead of endlessly bombarding your timelines with links in search of massive clout, the 21 year old creative has been known to shun the spotlight. Nevertheless, his songs have garnered notable attention on Soundcloud,  even being aired on Joe Kay’s Soulection Radio on Apple Music Beats1.

His latest release, “Little Lies” is the first single of his debut project titled “Analogue” which is due out in the Spring.

The smooth guitar driven track features Odie’s meditative thoughts as he questions it all with lyrics like “What if all this was a little lie? What if all my sins never met a God?”

“It’s sort of my coming of age story,” he says regarding his upcoming project.

In a four year period of self-discovery, Odie spent most of his energy carefully and intricately honing his craft as well as cultivating his own distinctive sound and character in his music.

 “2018 is the year where my fans will be fully introduced to who I am as an artist and as a human, flaws and all. In the past, I’ve just given glimpses.”

Analogue is definitely something to look forward to but before that you may take your turns diving into Odie’s ambient and melodic sound.

Listen to Odie’s “Little Lies” below:

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