Hey guys,  so as you guys may have noticed I’ve written extensively about #NuNairobi( the artistic revolution currently occurring in my city)- on this blog and on other publications as well. Well a few months ago I was approached with the idea to curate an event based on the #NuNairobi scene as it blows up and continues to manifest itself to the world . I was really skeptical because let’s be honest, I’m a lot of things but  I wasn’t an event organizer; but after a period of thought I decided to give it a go! Anything that can help in the growth of the culture and scene seems not only worthwhile but necessary at this point in time.

So here it is! I ,Camille Storm present to you the first edition of The Playlist , a monthly event which will see artists and enthusiasts of the #NuNairobi scene congregate at East Africa’s foremost exhibition space to share their creativity through image and sound.

The event will take place at the Shifteye Gallery, a more intimate location that allows a more immersive experience of the musical performances and the live visual installation that will be on display throughout the evening event. (doors open at 7pm till late).

For those who may still not be familiar with the #NuNairobi scene this is your chance to come and see these young artists do their thing and also participate in building something special for our music industry.

The line-up includes some of Nairobi’s most exciting and innovative young artists.



Bv Accurate is an award winning artist and co-founder of Crew Teflon. To his name are hits such as Kilimani Bars and To the GoodLife and Yajayo which have all topped the charts in the local scene. He doubles up as an MC and enjoys making music and performing while at it. Dropping two EPs in less than one year,  ”Days before Departure”  and “3/3 ” his consistency and hard work is not to be question. A fan favorite, A lyricist ,A lover of Life and most importantly a Hip-hop ambassador.




Janice Iche is a 21 year old soulful singer/songwriter from Mombasa, Kenya who’s one aim in music is to incite feeling and emotion in her listeners. She credits her major influences as Sade, Erykah Badu, Corinne Bailey Rae, Solange, just to name a few.





20-year-old producer Brendern Denousse aka Ukweli creates electronic music based on a collage of varying elements: African percussion, R&B influences, hip-hop, indie rock, and more. He is also 1/5 of  EA Wave ,a multifaceted art collective pushing new sounds, visuals and fashion emanating from the region. With production credits for artists like JABS , he is already a trailblazer in the #NuNairobi scene.




TwennyEights in undoubtedly one of the most skillful young rappers in the scene and he shook NuNairobi listeners with his E.P titled “Self” which came out about a month ago. I’m really excited to see him prosper and his performance is greatly anticipated!





Basthma has already released two E.Ps(Stride and Bound respectively) among other  remixes and singles  and is working on expanding his studio productions while incorporating new sounds to his music . Constantly endeavoring to find a way a better way to deliver music filled with emotion, groove and rhythm, Basthma loves to push things to the next level. As a DJ he is all about connecting with the crowd as he takes the audience on an adventure through his amazing selection.



Relatively underground emcee R.I.Z.E has been writing lyrics since the age of 7 and aims to create relatable,motivating and thought-provoking music. Known for his knack of conscious lyricism, R.I.Z.E is on a mission to carve out his own niche. Fresh off the release of his two new singles, he continues to enthrall #NuNairobi listeners with his fresh sound. With an anticipated EP “Soulitary Confinement” on the way, R.I.Z.E is sure to give us a taste of his unreleased material in his performance.

In addition, there will be a pop- up store by  Bongosawa Republik  ( , an iconic street-wear brand that I’m totally obsessed with and live visual and fashion-art installations by Adrian Mola and Bonkerz Kenya.

So come through and bring a friend or two !!   Tickets will be available  at the Gate at price of Kshs. 500 only . I look forward to seeing all of you there !! x

Remember to push the art.

for more details check out the Event Page on Facebook.

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