We Cut Keys While You Wait

When Just a Band announced their 2 year hiatus earlier this year, a lot of fans were reasonably devastated. Blinky Bill promised a debut solo album titled ” “Everyone’s Just Winging It & Other Fly Tales” by the end of the year but a day after his birthday on August 26th he surprised us with a free E.P which was uploaded to Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

The 6-track  E.P features songstress  Maia Von Lekow on “Don’t Doubt” which is easily my favorite song on this project. “Wacha Maneno” featuring rapper Shappaman (formerly of Camp Mulla) is a straight up BANGER and I’m hardly surprised that it became a huge hit with it’s catchy lines and energetic beat.

The project also includes the slower-paced track “Rise” featuring Sage and “Kwani Iko Nini”, the song that just makes you wanna get up and dance to it, plus the beat just screams Blinky Bill all the way through.. The E.P closes with “I should’ve learnt Kung-fu” , another upbeat, dancey track which features his Just a Band band-mate Nairobidhobi as well as Aero Manyelo.

This E.P showcases Blinky Bill’s versatility and exemplary production skills ; this is probably why many of us regard him as the father of alternative music in Kenya. He has such a great influence on the current generation of artists in Nairobi and the fact that he is within reach and offers his advice and support to them is even more inspiring.


If this is just an E.P then Lord knows I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for that album , I’m sure it’s going to be mind blowing to say the least.

Listen to Blinky Bill’s first solo EP ” We Cut Keys While You Wait” here:


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