It’s interesting how these days a lot of the music I listen to is by Canadian artists. 60 % of my playlist is made up of artists such as Kaytranada, Pomo, BADBADNOTGOOD, dvsn, Majid Jordan etc and those are just the well known ones! The Canadian music scene has officially blown up and I’m totally here for it! Another artist who’s been everywhere lately is River Tiber. You might recognize him from Kaytranada’s LP “99.9%” in the song “Vivid Dreams”, but now we can get a glimpse of his own mind in his debut E.P “Indigo”.

After listening to the E.P for a couple of days I honestly don’t even know where to place it genre-wise. It has a cool blend of Electronic/Soul/Pop/R&B… i think I’ll just go with Alternative R&B/PBR&B  for now. The opening track Genesis is a statement. It’s sort of loud, and electronic based, and creates this mood of anticipation for the rest of the E.P.

No Talk  is the song from which Drake sampled vocals for his song “No Tellin’ ” in his mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. I don’t blame Drake, the vocals on the track are quite captivating. In fact I’m just going to say right now that my favorite thing about this E.P in general is the fact that even though he doesn’t have the most powerful or soulful voice, he really knows make his vocals more present with beautiful harmonies and falsettos in the background.

Acid Test is less electronic based, with a funky bass line and powerful drum solo, making it sound more lively and raw. The song is all over the place , it’s almost psychedelic. Nevertheless I see the beauty in its confusion. Motives is  one of my most repeated songs on the E.P and I don’t know why. There’s something utterly infectious about the beat, it has a dark ambience but the trappy beats put back the life in it.

My favorite song on the Indigo is undoubtedly Barcelona .Weirdly enough I didn’t enjoy it at first but after a couple of listens the song grew on me.Now I can’t stop listening to it! The bass line goes deep and when the horns come in I get major chills. It’s so raw and powerful ,not to mention the background vocals and adlibs are somewhat enthralling.  I’m obsessed with how soulful and dramatic it is. This project in general is  one you must indulge in with headphones on just to get the full experience.

The first song I heard from the E.P was  actually I’m A Stone and it really got me excited for the entire project. I sensed great depth behind the lyrics “I’m a stone I’m a stone In the center of a flame”. It’s a huge banger, and it really has the makings of a hit song. It was definitely a great introduction for what to expect from River Tiber.

Ultimately I think this is an incredible debut E.P from River Tiber. He really laid out his soul in this project and you can hear it all in 12 beautiful tracks. I’m diggin’ the ambiguity of the production in the E.P, the way a song’s sound can drift into something completely unforeseen in a matter of seconds but at the end of it there’s still a sense of cohesiveness. The entire E.P carries a particular vibe to it , it’s a bit dark and mystic but at the same time it can be sensual and emotional. It’s definitely a project worth listening to !

TCW RATING: 6.5/10

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