I guess it’s finally time we put a spotlight on Tanzanian music on this godamn blog !Whenever you think about Tanzanian music honestly don’t you just think of that music that Ali Kiba , Diamond Platinumz and  the rest do? All that music is great, don’t get me wrong but during my usual rounds on Soundcloud I came across a rapper who gave me some new insight into Tanzanian music and especially Tanzanian hip-hop. Brian Simba is his name, and his mixtape “Masaki Theory”  carries such individualism (something a lot of East African artists lack by the way) , and it’s of such stellar quality that I was actually disappointed in myself for not discovering him sooner.

His lyrics carry so much depth and passion,(y’all know I’m all about lyrics!!!) and he raps in both Swahili and English, keeping it authentic as fuck! His flow is very refreshing , and he sounds like he’s been rapping for a really long time because he obviously has the skills.  His music definitely sounds like a contemporary version of “bongo flava” music. Anyway I got to catch up with this rising talent and get to know a little more about his story!

Q: How would you describe your music?

I’d describe my music as a representation of my city’s stories to the world. For so long I’ve felt like there are awesome stories that the world never really gets to hear about Dar and Tanzania in general. Its more than the natural landscapes and tourist attractions. It’s stories of the people of Tanzania. Their struggles, their lifestyle, the lingo, the rap legends and so forth.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your musical journey?

Well, iv been a rap fanatic forever, really. Growing up, I listened to a lot of music from the likes of Wayne, Eminem and Juelz Santana. That’s mostly what I listened to cause I got most of my music from my bigger brother, and that was pretty much all he was into. I guess that’s where I get this bad-ass wordplay.

Q: Who are your influences and what inspires your music?

Recently, I’ve really been into local old school hip-hop though. There were such diverse  in character with very original flows, which is impressive considering how it’s considered okay to bite on flows in the contemporary hip-hop scene.

Q: What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Well, in summary, I’m hoping to produce as much media and material to influence the urban Tanzanian culture and to promote this culture on a global platform.. So I’m looking forward to get into anything that will help me achieve this. Videography, fashion, documentaries and what not.

There you have it guys! Don’t sleep on him, he’s repping TZ on a crazy level. Check out his  mixtape  “Masaki Theory “ on his Soundcloud .


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