First of all, JOE KAY needs to get hold of this guy’s music and play like three of his songs on Soulection as soon as possible. (I’m gonna spam him on twitter if I need to seriously). I feel like some of his music would fit right in there. The world ain’t even ready for M³ . I am so so so appalled by this young artist’s ability to compose music which is  so freakin’ classy,  and up-to-standard. Perhaps his proficiency at creating and arranging music is aided by the fact that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, combine that with natural talent and a young musician’s zeal and you have a bomb waiting to explode.

From what I’ve listened to,  he makes afro-fusion, afro-house as well as R&B /Soul music.  Some of his music actually  kinda reminds me a lot of 80’s soul stuff, like Sade(the band) but with an African touch. I mean ,it’s one thing to incorporates African elements into your music, but to do it so…. flawlessly… that’s commendable. I deeply anticipate the day I’ll go watch him perform an E.P or album live … I feel like it would definitely be my money’s worth.

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