So I found out about this guy on one of my usual rounds on either Spotify or Soundcloud sometime last year.  I can’t even begin to explain how stimulating and addicting his music is to me. I’ll admit, he makes my kind of shit, but anyone with a good ear  for music would surely love this.

Geotheory is an 18 year old NYC producer with a wide range of sounds. His “Inner Planets” EP is literally an otherworldly experience… no I mean seriously… the songs on it are names of planets and shit. In the EP he displays his ability to blend funky disco music , trap and electronic music.  For such a young musician ,he is well advanced in his skill.  I mean his synths are usually craaaazy, and his chord placements… oh my God.

His music has an epic balance to it, it can have these really robotic-like , electronic beats but it still has  soulful elements that just melt your heart out. No lyrics required. Perhaps this stems from the fact that even though his music can be described as Electronic or Garage  he  was influenced by different genres growing up including hip-hop, jungle, and classic R&B, which all find their way back into his music.

It’s almost as if he creates music with the sole purpose to overwhelm you, but in a good way. Like yeees  I would gladly destroy my ears at 100% volume listening to this lol.  His music is of course, mostly  upbeat and energetic but he also has more chill tunes which are incredibly groovy. This just shows how versatile and experimental this dude can be. and at 18, I can only imagine what he has in store for us in the future.

 He’s been hinting that his upcoming E.P will be very soulful, and from the song “Gran Turismo”(Prologue) I can tell there might be lots of jazz vibes in it too. Honestly can’t wait for it’s release date. 

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