I posted about this guy a few months ago but I didn’t really dive into detail. Well, I realized I should probably write a full review since I actually can’t go a day without listening to his music. From his original tracks to his remixes to his dj sets, I’m in love with everything Pomo touches. I randomly discovered him on a Spotify playlist , had a “hallelujah” moment and I’ve been hooked ever since. The producer from Montreal makes a colorful, and groovy sound that combines upbeat drums and  luscious synths with softer, more soulful elements.

I pretty much have never gotten bored of “So Fine” or “Start Again” from his EP  “The Other Day.” I love how he gives his music a fancy touch  of mesmerizing vocals(sometimes by himself) all while it’s still upbeat and dancey. It’s kind of hard to put him in a box because as I listened to the EP(and his other work too),  I noticed a wide range of styles and influences in each song.The Funk, Jazz and Neo-soul influence in his music is probably my  favorite thing. It’s great cause it shows he keeps growing creatively and is pretty much improving with every song he releases.

I’m so ready to be blown away by his upcoming album.   I’m a lover of Dance music that triggers emotions even with few or no words, and  Pomo is incredible at making that!  Recently touring with Disclosure in Europe, he’s definitely getting more and more popular on the scene and that’s making me happy ! Many people have been asking why I rarely blog about hiphop these days.. well now you know what I’ve been listening to. lol

Follow him on twitter & instagram : @pomobeats




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