Y’all remember Majid Jordan right? The Toronto based duo (Majid Al Maskati & Jordan Ullman)that featured on and co-wrote Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. I’ve also blogged about them a couple of times in the past. I got into their music a little after that single came out. Always found their style unique and a breath of fresh air really. Their two E.Ps  “Afterhours” and “A Place Like this” gave us an insight of their smooth blend of PBR&B and Pop.

The Drake prodigies have finally released a full length studio album, which I’d been anticipating from the start. I was really curious to see if they’d be able to hold down an entire LP, and I have to say I am quite impressed.  My interest was fueled when I saw that their album features production from Illangelo, who is  creditted with working with The Weeknd from the House of Balloons days.. It’s no doubt he’s a master at PBR&B production so I knew this album was gonna be lit!

“Learn from Each other” is the upbeat R&B tune that starts off the album. It’s such a perfect introduction to Majid Jordan . It’s quite the typical  Majid Jordan song, from the upbeat drums to a repetitive and catchy hook. The amazingness continues on to “Make It Work” , where the duo did the production on their own. I love that they actually did produce and write all of the songs on this LP on their own, meaning from beginning to end this album is all about them. I think it’s super important for artists to do that on their debut albums.

Without Drake, Majid Jordan might not have gotten where they are now. I mean that in a nice way though.  I’m glad that Drake took them under his wing and gave them a platform but now they are slowly creeping out of Drake’s shadow and making a name for themselves. No, they aren’t just those guys who featured in a Drake song, they make amazing music on their own and have an album out!

Five songs into this album, I’m waiting to get bored  but it seems to be getting better and better. “Pacifico” might just be my favorite song off this thing, Lord, this song is so brilliant, and timeless. I could rock to this thirty years from now. I love how they incorporate a lot of 80’s pop beats in their music.  It creates a mood that only Majid Jordan could create.  Their songs seem sensual, nostalgic and dance-able all at the same time.  I love it.

They manage to keep the album afloat with songs like “Something About You” and “Shake Shake Shake”. I’m impressed enough to say I would definitely attend one of their concerts. They deserve a lot more attention, or do they? Sometimes when people blow up it isn’t fun for their die hard fans who don’t want them to change their style. I love how they seem to have complete creative control of their shit, and manage to make sure it sound organic and promising enough.

The LP closes with “Every Step Every Way” which I feel like when remixed could make a perfect club tune.(not that it isn’t already dope).I must say I love the background vocals they got on this song.   Throughout their album, Majid’s vocals are breathy and sensual and I love the depth of their lyrics.  I really hope they get more recognition especially because alternative R&B is really in right now. But anyway, If you love music you gonna love this !!!

TCW RATING: 7.5/10







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