Riri finally released her long awaited 8th album ,ANTI. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since forever and I was anticipating for this LP just like the rest of the #RihannaNAVY.  She kept teasing us with non album singles which got increasingly bold.After “Bitch Better Have My Money” , I truly expected this album to be extremely bold, and as dauntless as her current image.

The album kicks off with the ballad “Consideration” which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. The song features SZA, which was quite shocking since I remember SZA tweeting a while back that Riri has no real talent. Nevertheless, this song is a great intro to the album and I really enjoyed the beats as well as the harmonies they improvise on the track.  The next song is a short

“Work” is the first single released from the LP, and it features Drake. While this song is catchy, it’s a bit forgettable considering Rihanna is known for making epic overplayed radio tunes. The fact that it lacks a chorus kind of bothers me and I think it’s only catchy because she repeats the word “work” like a thousand times.  Drake’s verse isn’t really remarkable either. However , I do like the beats and her whole Caribbean vibe going on with the lyrics and the way she sings the song in general.

I don’t really mind songs like “Woo” and “Needed me” , with the latter being a trap-inspired tune with hard core lyrics about true to Rihanna’s constant IDGAF attitude. I like such songs because sometimes a girl just needs to hear that. Even though they aren’t hit records, they carry an empowering element that I love.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes” is easily my favorite track from the album. I mean it’s produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, and I’ve blogged about that band loads on here. So predictably the beats were all groovy and psychedelic and It blew my head off. Honestly didn’t think Riri could pull off that vibe but it was well executed and big ups to KP for the sick production, I feel like that shoulda been on his album though!

I feel like this album has so much going on, it’s like every genre has been represented. From neo-soul, to psychedelic rock to dancehall to pop, she kinda did a bit of everything on this. I don’t really mind it but it doesn’t really help the album feel like a cohesive work of art at all. But after all, the album is called “Anti” so we shouldn’t really be surprised that she didn’t take the traditional approach on this one.

Some of the songs on the LP felt like fillers to me but towards the end , there were some great tunes. “Pose” is one of my favorites, it’s catchy and fun with carefree lyrics. I also like “Sex with me” which is a track I obviously expected to be on a Rihanna album, she just gotta have a song dedicated to the deed. I wasn’t disappointed.

Many may argue that this album  is inconsistent, chaotic, underwritten or perhaps a “conflicted pop record”(*coughs* Pitchfork ) but I kinda get it. It’s called “Anti” , it wasn’t supposed to be what you expected and that’s why I like it. It isn’t as extreme as I thought, but I really like the carefree attitude she has on the record, and how simple her lyrics are. Ultimately, this album might NOT be Rihanna’s best LP but it does have some epic tunes. Check it out!

TCW RATING: 6.8/10

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