Better known as FKJ , this Tours-born producer has got me addicted to his smooth, soulful and even funky sound. He combines elements of tropical house, eletronic, hip-hop, and R&B  in perfect arrangements resulting in the most chilled out stuff you’ll ever hear.  FKJ makes music that switches up your mood in one second and gets you feeling positive , and inspired. Basically it just screams GOOD VIBES when you listen to it.

His creativity never ceases to amaze me, and I’m always looking forward to hearing how he experiments  with different genres and constructs his own take on electronic music with a smooth and sophisticated touch.  My favorite of his recent projects has to be the “Take Off” EP. Every song on the album has it’s own flavor, but I’m in love with “Learn to Fly” , it’s just so uplifting. One thing I really love about him is his ability to  inject soul into every song so that it carries itself even if it doesn’t have accompanying vocals or lyrics. I really hope he gets more recognition because he’s a true talent.

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