Hallucinogen is a E.P by Kelela, a singer of Ethiopian descent born in the States. This project is 6 tracks and it’s quite frankly PBR&B heaven.  Her voice is quite soothing,  her lyrics full of depth and sincerity and the beats are crazzzzy. With elements of electronic, trip- hop and grime, this E.P has a unique futuristic robo- soul sound that’s quite attractive to listen to.

With her first song on the album “The Message” being produced by Arca, FKA Twigs long time producer, one can’t help but notice the similarities between them. Their sound is somewhat similar with the apparent influence of the likes of Bjork. Nonetheless I would say Kelela’s voice is more powerful and soulful and that seeps through into her music making it more on the R&B side of the spectrum.

My favorite song on the E.P is probably “All the way down” , it’s produced by the amazing DJ Dahi, which is sort of surprising but he executed it perfectly. The way she portrays her emotions so profoundly with this robotic like beats, its amazing . Her lyrics are somewhat simpler to understand and I think I love that about her. I also love the sole upbeat song on this E.P “Rewind” is catchy and just as atmospheric as the rest of the album. This is the perfect chill out music.

TCW RATING: 7.2/10

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