This is a really late review but that’s because I only got my hands on this album this week. Lame right? But I bet there’s still loads of people out there who haven’t heard of this trio from London. Consisting of Olly Alexander(lead singer & keyboard), Mikey Goldsworthy(bass guitar) and Emre Turkmen (keyboard), Years and Years is a British electronica trio whose music blends elements of R&B, 90’s house and synth pop creating a distinguishable intoxicating sound.

Their debut album , “Communion” is dance-pop music at it’s finest.  I’m very critical of pop artists and it’s super hard for me to actually get impressed by them but I must say I’m in love with these guys. They have managed to give their music a soulful touch despite the heavy synths and melodramatic beats. The lyrics may seem like typical poppy lyrics but I love how relatable they are especially for the younger generation.

It’s not difficult to deduce the influence of  artists like Diplo, Flying Lotus and Jai Paul in this album. I love how they even use dancehall-inspired beats on the song “Take Shelter” , and manage to perfectly execute it.  The other song I’m obsessed with on this album is probably
“Desire”,   a catchy song with powerful electronica beats and sensual lyrics. “King” is their biggest hit thus far and I’m not surprised since it fits right into the current pop sound with it’s up-tempo beats and 80’s disco influence. It’s hard to not love this album.

“Communion” is an album perfect for the dance floor but it’s still great to listen to alone with your headphones on. The beats are mesmerizing and soon enough you find yourself nodding your head to the music. It’s quite the uplifting album and every song just seems like a masterpiece. Wish I listened to it sooner.

TCW RATING: 7.7/10


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