Hey guys…. As any other music junkie I kind of live on soundcloud( you should follow me if you wana keep up with what I’m listening to : my soundcloud) , and every now and then I discover some truly gifted artists on there who deserve SO MUCH MORE attention. I recently found these guys from New Zealand (yeah, random right?) and they are just brilliant.  Quite frankly I’ve been hooked ever since I heard “All Over You” , a really smooth track with the sickest bass line ever. I’m just obsessed with the instrumentation in their music.   Their name really matches their style because their music is quite relaxing . I’d love to see them live . .. Anyway, enough of me babbling.. check them out  & thank me later x

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“Me” is the first proper studio album by Lorely Rodriguez, who goes by the alias “Empress Of”. I really hadn’t heard of her before this album but she really captivated me with her self-styled dream-pop electronic sound that she calls “Me”. This LP is entertaining in itself as her producing skills are incredible but the lyrics are also quite stellar, with Rodriguez digging deep into her personal thoughts, and letting herself be vulnerable and open with this project. My favorite song is definitely “How Do You Do It” which almost always makes me want to get up and dance no matter where I play it. I’m obsessed with her instrumentally and lyrically raw music which still manages to fit into a pop or EDM playlist. More people need to know about this lady.

I really had to post this single from Goldlink‘s debut album ” And After That We Didn’t Talk” which has faced much criticism. I was slightly disappointed whilst listening to it because I guess my expectations were really high but it wasn’t so bad. I actually am a fan of his rough vocals , I think they give his music a raw, and soulful feel which is appealing to me compared to all the polished and auto-tuned stuff all over the charts. This song produced by Louie Lastic, is a super catchy and energetic. Although his lyrics tell a story the song still remains light and fun to listen to. Perfect for a dance or hip hop playlist. Check out his album too !!! x