So Disclosure released their sophomore album last week and I couldn’t wait to cop it. Being a huge fan of EDM and UK garage music, Caracal has been one of my most anticipated albums of the year. The brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence,  burst on the scene with their hit song “Latch” featuring Sam Smith back in 2012. They definitely caught my attention back then and ever since I’ve been an avid fan of their music.

I listen to a lot of dance music but Disclosure’s sound has it’s own unique and somewhat addicting quality. They do a perfect blend of deep house, garage and even synth pop and are able to appeal to underground house music lovers as well as the mainstream audience. The album has a fiery start with “Nocturnal” featuring an unexpected collaborator, The Weeknd. The song is amazing. Abel’s emotional tone and the duo’s otherworldly production just blends together perfectly.

The brothers join forces with Sam Smith again on “Omen” which is probably the most radio-friendly song on the album. Again, awesome tune. It’s more down-tempo compared to Latch but I love the duo’s ability to make EDM soulful instead of following ordinary generic dance music trends. These brothers do their own thing, and they do it flawlessly. “Holding On” is another major record on this album, it has the typical  Disclosure  flair to it with Gregory Porter’s jazzy vocals bringing in life and soul into the song. I love how they are able to work with artists from completely different genres and still create sick music.

My favorite song on the album has to be “Hourglass” featuring another duo, Lion Babe with Jillian Harvey lending her vocals to the song. The song is energetic and fast paced and coupled with Lion Babe’s euphonious style not to mention Jillian’s enigmatic voice, just make it even more entertaining. I’m still waiting to be disappointed by this album, it just seems to get better and better with every song.

Another favorite is “Willing & Able” which features the Ghanaian -born vocalist, Kwabs, who’s debut album just came out actually. This song was released as a promotional single and it’s a classic Disclosure song but slightly more subdued with more emotional lyrics. We can’t ignore the duo’s impressive songwriting ability as well, they  really know how to write lyrics that match their style of music.

Another unexpected collaborator, is Lorde. The song is called “Magnets” and I find it perhaps a bit underwhelming compared to the previous songs. “Jaded” is more energetic and has that bounce that I love in their music. Miguel sings on the song “Good intentions” which has really great synths plus his vocals actually suit an electronic song, surprisingly. I could go on and on about every song on this album but by now it’s clear this album is worth the listen. For a sophomore album I think they’ve surpassed my expectations . Lovers of EDM shouldn’t sleep on this album.


Notable tracks: Hourglass, Nocturnal, Omen

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