When I first listened to Raury’s debut mixtape “Indigo Child” I thought it was a step too far. The mixtape combined hip hop with elements of folk, indie , soul and rock. With songs like “The Devil’s Whisper” and “Cigarette Song” , the Atlanta native got a lot of hype which earned him a spot on the XXL freshmen list. Let’s just say I’m not easily impressed, and I’ve been sleepin’ on him ever since but his latest project might have just changed my mind.

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So I made a playlist for ..umm… making babies

I’m a big lover of R&B especially from the 90’s and just anything deep, intense and sensual and I figured I might as well share with y’all some of the songs which are fit for playing while you’re doing the damn thing lol (In my Opinion ofcourse). Yes, you should definitely fuck to these songs.. thank me later lmfao xx