So I’m doing a first listen review for this. Which means basically I’m writing this as I listen to the album. I might start doing this more often because sometimes I’m just too lazy to describe everything in depth and I just wanna write like a fan!

Beauty Behind the Madness is The Weeknd’s sophomore album which is actually being released tomorrow(Aug 28) lol. I’m just always on top of things like that! The album has a powerful start with the stunning ballad , “Real life” which captures your heart immediately  with it’s sincere lyrics and aggressive beats.

I fell in love with the piano chords on “Losers” ft Labrinth the minute I heard them. This song is amazing , fuck. I love Labrinth, just the melodies and synths on this song are so infectious. The song concludes with a beautiful horn section, don’t you just love those?

One thing we know about the Weeknd is how he doesn’t shy away from telling us exactly what he’s thinking. He maintains his somewhat vulgar honesty in songs like “Tell Your Friends” with lines like

“And some dope dimes on some coke lines
Give me head all night, cum four times
Baby girl just wanna smoke a pound
Do an ounce, get some dick
Tell her friends about it “

I must say 4 songs into the album and I love the production. That isn’t surprising since he has the likes of Kanye West and his long time producer Illangelo on the album. He also produces a couple of songs on the album himself, which is even cooler.

“Often” was released as a promotional single from the album . It’s a typical Weeknd song. Blunt and obscene lyrics about sex and drugs. Compared to the first songs on this album, this one sounds a lot more like what we’re used to hearing from him.

“The Hills” is the song for all you die hard Weeknd fans. It has the hard hitting beats , and the heart stopping lyrics. “When I’m fucked up that’s the real me” lyrics like this is the reason why I remain a fan of Abel. I think he speaks a lot for this generation just as much as Drake does , perhaps. It’s like these Canadians just know what’s up. Their ability to write these really straight forward lyrics that seem to describe so many feelings at once is unmatched.

Wow Abel is actually talking about falling for someone on “Acquainted” , that’s a shocker. We’re just used to him singing about how many bitches he just fucked but now on this song he sings marvelously about a girl he’s thinking about way too much than he probably should. It’s new coming from him but oh it sounds so good.

I blogged about “Can’t Feel My Face” when it was released a single in June. Abel stretches his vocals on this upbeat song and it actually works. For everyone used to the ‘Wicked Games” kind of sound, this song might catch you off guard but you’ll probably enjoy it. It’s great to see him trying something new and experimenting with a different style.

“Earned it” is my jam. It’s in the FIFTY SHADES SOUNDTRACK lol. This song is perfect actually. His vocals are absolutely incredible on this song + staggering production = perfect. That’s all I have to say.

I was waiting to hear how Abel and Ed Sheeran would sound on one song.Together they created a  slow tempo song with seemingly dark lyrics. It’s a really deep tune but slightly boring. Not disappointing though.

Now for the song I’ve been really waiting to listen to, “Prisoner”. Lana doesn’t feature on many people’s songs so I’m really excited to hear how she blends in to The Weeknd’s album. OMG OMG THIS SHIT IS AMAZING. Her voice balances everything out, it sounds soo good. Abel always kill it. The lyrics of this song are just >>>>.We’ve been waiting for this collabo for years now , I’m so glad this finally happened.

I think this album is a great improvement from “Kiss Land” but that’s arguable. Many old Weeknd fans may argue that BBTM is a bit too “poppish” but I think it’s great music either way. He’s old stuff definitely appeals to me more because I am a fan of PBR&B and BBTM sounds more mainstream than alternative to be honest. I’m glad that Abel still threw in a couple of songs in there for the fans to enjoy. In general I think this is a good album and you should all check it out.


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