Bishop Nehru is one of the most exciting upcoming rappers to burst on to the scene in the past year. At the tender age of 18, he’s already released a collaboration album with MFDOOM(yes, DOOM himself, yes I know that’s crazy), he produces a lot of his music and his latest EP  was executively produced by Nas. Woah, as a hiphop head I  immediately  took note and realized that this guy is the real deal. When Nas and MF Doom endorse a certain person’s music you know it’s gonna be really good.

As I listen to his latest EP, The Nehruvian, I’m thoroughly impressed by his lyric..(wait is it too early to call him a lyricist?) let’s just say, bars. His lyrical content, and flair reminds me of the golden age of hiphop. It’s a very raw EP,  the beats aren’t so impressive but he makes it work.  Now I can see exactly why DOOM would want to be associated with him. He’s 18 and he understands the genre a lot more than most of the rappers these days. Nostalgia swept me as I listened to “Mellow with me” , the melodies he employs in the chorus take me back to the 90’s. His vibe just reminds you of the type of sound that dominated when hiphop was at its greatest.

For an 18 year old he’s raps so skillfully and his flow is impressive. For anyone who’s a fan of music with substance like me, you should get his E.P like now. When you listen to him you can only wonder what he’s going to create for us in the future if he’s already rapping with such depth and proficiency. That potential makes me happy just thinking about it. He’s such a voice of hope in a genre where currently anyone and everyone is calling themselves a rapper because they can rhyme words over a generic trap beat.

Even though his music is greatly influenced by old school hiphop it still remains incredibly relevant and in songs like “Just Friends” you can hear the 18 year old rapping about ordinary teenage boy subjects. The EP is generally pretty chill and subdued; in fact it’s been labeled as a blues album instead. Perhaps a better name would be what he himself dubs as “Nehruvian soul”. His simplicity is refreshing , and with a few songs he manages to tell you a story and make you feel like you’re listening to a classic hiphop album. He’s the fucking future and he has my blessing.

Oh and by the way you can listen to his full EP on soundcloud at


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