I know I know this may sound a little different from the stuff we usually post about but you can’t really ignore true artistry when you see it.  :) Weirdly enough about three years ago I got to see him live but I didn’t really think much of it until now. I just remember him giving a darn good performance!

Being a huge hip-hop head, folk music has ever really appealed to me but when you listen to this guy you can’t help but appreciate his remarkable talent. Apart from his vocal abilities he can play multiple instruments and  perhaps what I love most about his music is his marvelous song writing skills.


His debut E.P , Letters to the Wild takes you on an emotional journey with honest stories and experiences of the Kenyan born singer/songwriter. With a perfect blend of folk and other popular styles plus a uniquely raw and organic sound arising from his mastery of the guitar, this E.P is a touching,  well-crafted and entertaining body of music.

 Carter Harrell is an indie folk singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya ,he grew up in a different musical environment than most. But from an early age, Carter  knew he wanted to pursue his passion of music. Despite the limitations of living far from a thriving music industry, he invested himself into writing and recording his own music. He engaged the local music scene, performing wherever he could, and his first recorded song became a number one single on the local radio charts. In the fall of 2013 he moved to Nashville, TN began pursuing a career as a musician.

You can download Carter Harrell’s incredible debut E.P “Letters to the Wild ” at http://carterharrellmusic.com/music .

Standout track: “Build a House”

Follow Carter on Twitter! : @carterharrell

Find Carter on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarterHarrellMusic




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