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I first came across this Colombian beauty on tumblr a few months ago but I didn’t know she made music I just thought she was really cyber ghetto and all but then later I found out she’s actually a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and director… and she’s 21 years old! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. 

Her debut full length project “Por Vida” reworks the vintage sounds of 60’s and 70’s soul and many may compare her singing techniques to the likes of Amy Winehouse. Tyler the Creator, BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada have all contributed to this tasteful E.P which defies the claim that modern music can’t be soulful. Her music is ear candy to me in the sense that she is truly like a breath of fresh air right now. I love any form of uniqueness in these times where everyone is talk-rapping and dumbing down their vocal abilities to “be cool”. Although she does admit to previously trying the talk-rap thing, in this E.P she avoids it stating that she wanted to expand her vocal range and hit high notes.


Her enigmatic personality, fashion and music has gained her a massive following and  a feature on Snoop Dogg’s mixtape. Even her music videos contain that old school Quentin Tarantino style vibe, making Kali Uchis the full package for lovers of a more doo-wop “low-rider soul” kind of sound. Now she may seem a little too indie for many of you, but beyond all that her music has many layers to it and auto-biographical lyrics that are incredibly deep despite the fact that she writes her songs in less than five minutes.

My favorite song other in this E.P is “Loner” because it’s pretty much the story of my life, but other than that I’m in love with “Rush” and “Know What I Want.” Check her out ! You can download the E.P on .

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