Okay first I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting much I have exams and they are taking up all my precious blogging time :( And wow I KNOW I’m super late with this review but I’m sure many of you weren’t expecting me to blog on Tame Impala anyway lol. But I really just had to make time to write about the best psych record I’ve heard thus far in 2015. I’m going to be brief about this but if you’re a fan of psychedelic music, synth-pop, rock, or even R&B….. Heck, if you’re just a fan of good music like me, you will absolutely enjoy this LP.

It definitely is a commendable improvement from their last album “Lonerism” and it has an extensive more experimental sound with Kevin Parker combining elements of 80’s funk,  electro-pop and even disco. There’s more synths than lead guitar in this album and it actually works. Kevin Parker freaking did it again, this is just psych as fuck! He might’ve changed the sound of the band on this album’s production but it still remains heavily psychedelic and groovy.

Some of Tame Impala’s best music is in this album ,and I particularly love the bass and heartrending lyrics in “Yes, I’m Changing.”  The song that follows it ,“Eventually” ,has some sick production, I really love how they took risks with this album creating a more colorful and somewhat fuller sound. I was having a really bad day when I first heard this album but my mood entirely changed two songs into this LP. The instrumentation and musical caliber of this album is enough to make anyone’s day a lot better. It’s pure , raw, beautiful music and I’m sure it would sound amazing live!

Now many may argue that Kevin Parker’s vocals are boring and passionless throughout this album.  I think that they play a role in creating the entire mood and feel of this LP but at the same time it reaches a point in the album when they do sound a bit too stretched out and uninteresting. But other than that I’m really in love with their work on this, not to mention the emotional depth their lyrics bring out. I came out of this feeling as if I couldn’t pick a favorite song because every song carries its own strength and flavor. But If I had to pick one I’d say “Nangs” , it just has that ultra- otherworldly feel to it that I love.They really did  want to push the boundaries, and  “Currents” is proof of what this Australian psych-rock  band is capable of .



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