Hey guys. In addition to all the other super freaking cool segments on this site, I’m adding a segment called Editor’s Pick of The Week which in all honesty just means the music that I’m rocking to at that particular time or music that I’ve always been obsessed with. There’s no time limit really it could be a song released in 1980 or a few minutes ago, it’s just my kind of music. A lot of people ask me what’s on my personal playlist and I guess this is your way of finding out.. week by week lol.

So yes , to start us off. This is a song I’ve been in love with from the day I heard it in 2013  up to this very moment. I will probably still listen to it on my death bed without getting bored lol It’s by some amazing amaZING producers from the U.K that I have previously talked about here but just a little bit. They are called SNAKEHIPS. If you’re a fan of Electronic/PBR&B/Garage or whatever you NEED to tune in to these guys (with some good headphones for the full effect) . Just the vibe of this song and how they mixed together all those elements to end up with this futuristic soulful sound …honestly I still can’t even fathom it.  The lyrics make my heart smile as well. What they do is absolutely magical and I have a serious girl crush on George Maple, her voice is just rad. I once tweeted that they probably play Snakehips in heaven and I freaking meant it.

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