I always enjoy listening to fresh, upcoming young rappers from any part of the world. As soon as I heard Eleftherios on Soundcloud, I immediately gravitated towards his music. Y’all know I love rap music with substance and Lefty’s music definitely has a conscious touch to it. As young as he is , his rapping style makes you reminisce the golden age of hip hop, and it’s no surprise that he is influenced by the likes of KRS-One, Nas and Tupac.Eleftherios speaks his mind candidly in every song, touching on various topics such as the injustices in the world today. This MC from Birmingham is definitely on his way to join a league of the realest, socially aware UK bred rappers such as Mic Righteous and Akala. In his new album “Awakening” , he shows off his skills built up over four years , rapping rhapsodically over relaxing hip hop beats.  I can’t wait to hear more from this budding new lyricist, but for now I’ll be bumping this.


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