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For this week’s segment I chose Mf Doom because in my opinion he’s definitely one of the most underappreciated lyricists/rappers of all time.  He started out in the group KMD with MC Rodan and his younger brother, DJ Subroc, who was tragically killed in 1993.  This deeply affected him, making him retreat from the hip hop scene for 3 years . However, he later on managed to have a prolific career even without a lot of publicity. He rarely does interviews and wears a mask similar to Marvel’s super villain, DR. DOOM, to obscure his face.

Nevertheless, true hip hop fans appreciate the unique touch that DOOM brought into hiphop, with his equivocal image and brilliance when it comes to spitting bars. He is undoubtedly one of hip hop’s greatest lyricists in my books. He has an amazing discography  which includes his solo work as well as his collaborative albums under many aliases. Unfortunately most rappers these days aren’t anywhere close to his caliber.

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