First and foremost I must confess, I have never written a music review, but upon hearing Kamasi Washington’s The Epic, I was inspired to not only write a review but also to share his masterpiece with the world.

Being a self proclaimed Jazz fan, I must admit I know very little about the technicalities of the genre itself. My father played lead guitar in a band that touted a saxophonist and I can recall him telling me that when he heard that particular instrument, it would make the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. I can honestly say that the saxophone is one of my favorite instruments. and this brings me to the highly regarded Kamasi Washington and his latest offering to what I personally like to call “Nuevo Jazz”.


Released on May 5th , the aptly titled Epic is nothing short of, well…epic. The physical release comes jam packed with 17 tracks on  3 discs. Right from the beginning, the Epic thrusts the listener into a lush soundscape guaranteed to get you going, bringing reminders and remnants of Billy Cobham’s magnificent Spectrum and Crosswinds albums. Don’t let that comparison fool you, Washington’s style is unprecedented within the realm of the jazz world and once it grabs a hold of you, it does not let up.

It takes a team effort to bring home championships and this musical journey is no different. The Epic was crafted from an ensemble of great musicians with Mr. Washington at the helm.

Being a modern masterpiece, I cannot give this album justice from words alone. The only way one could possibly understand would be to actually listen to the album itself. I recommend setting some time aside for each disc due to the sheer length of the project. Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you do!

-Tao is a father, writer, musical artist, fitness trainer, and avid chess player from The Savage Lands of West Virginia. Follow Taoist – Insight on twitter @TaoistInsight


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