Oh yes! I’ve been really pumped up about this one. “In Colour” is the debut solo effort by Jamie xx from the British indie-pop band, The xx. Now The xx is that band I like to listen to while I’m chilling in my room , aimlessly browsing through tumblr  looking for depression quotes and stuff but this LP is far from depressing. It’s definitely looking the album of the summer for me right now. Jamie, who is  well known for producing Drake’s endearing duet with Rihanna “Take Care”, asserts his individual ability yet again in this LP. With it he creates a rich amalgamation of future garage, trip hop, house and electronic.


“In Colour” is a pot of creativity polished with impeccable execution.  He of course gets help from his band mates with Romy Madley- Croft lending her subtle but  captivating vocals  on “Loud Places” and  “See Saw” and Oliver Sim appears on the song “Stranger In A Room.”If you’ve never heard The xx’s music ,well … they have really toned down mellow  poppy indie-tronica thing going on(if that makes sense), and Romy’s voice kind of brings that back into this album.

Nonetheless, this album isn’t too loud neither is it soft. It’s sort of the perfect middle ground for lovers of fast paced electronic and lovers of the more tranquil forms of EDM. Jamie xx’s skill of making his music sound huge without making it loud is tremendous. It allows the listener to get drowned in smooth mesmerizing elements that he employs in his songs. Interestingly , he also collaborates with Popcaan and Young Thug (BRUH!) in the song “I Know There’s Gonna Be(Good Times)  and what’s even more interesting is that this song IS NOT a train wreck. Other songs on the album such as “Sleep Sound” instantly turned the world into a beautiful paradise and cleared my mind of any negativity.  There’s a fine line between what he does and the rubbish overly experimental UK future garage sounds I’ve been hearing recently. Again, he is a whiz at execution and ultimately what he delivers is flawless . Not everyone might enjoy this album, it sets a particular mood that certain people might not enjoy. I love this album simply because the music itself draws you in and it’s suitable for a rave or a chill out . But hey, If you consider yourself even a quarter of an EDM fan, I suggest you cop this immediately.

TCW RATING: 7.9/10.



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