My relationship with this German born producer and DJ is really funky. A few years ago I was tweeting “What is a Zedd?” and now I’m such a huge fan of his work.  When he  dropped his sophomore LP, “True Colors” , I couldn’t wait to hear his growth from debut album “Clarity” which in itself gained him millions of fans and made him a house-hold name in Electronic Dance music today.



True Colors  truly alludes to it’s album cover art which in my opinion represents the innovative, erratic, and otherworldly feeling that this LP gives off. It’s a mixture of all sorts of powerful trance-like beats with a dash of soul, orchestral rhythms and explosive synth breakdowns. Although Zedd is often classified as an EDM producer, I tend to reject that definition . To me his work is  a finer execution of  pop music. He has often said that he doesn’t like being categorized and it is clear how diverse and experimental he can be with his music.  He touches a bit of everything and in the end we have this magical blend of sugar rush candy pop music.

One day I thought to myself “Zedd makes me want to go to Disneyland” and I don’t know if that applies to other people. Maybe I’m just weird…but a lot of music often sends me off to into a world of fantasy. I don’t usually listen to his music for lyrics but in this case, soft songs like “Daisy” and “Illusion” ft Echosmith which have an emotional undertone are a new level of musical brilliance to me. (but  Illusion REALLY reminds me of deadmau5’s “Album Title Goes Here” album.ugh.)Almost every song on the album is coupled with strong lead vocals from the likes of Selena Gomez and Jon Bellion. Speaking of Jon Bellion, his fellow Visionary Music Group label mate Logic (!) is also featured on the album on the song “Transmission.”  Zedd’s ability to  cross over from electronic to alternative rock coupled with Logic’s classic fast paced rhymes definitely makes this song one of my favorites.

Overall,  I think this album is beautiful in it’s own vibrant, melodious and inconsistent way. Not every album has to carry a theme or tone,  I think it’s quite fine for an artist to play around with different sounds and fuse them however they want. Zedd is an instrumentalist in his own right, having grown up in a very musical family… playing classical music.(yeah  lol).I think that influence always seeps through into his music , creating a more ambient form of electronic dance music.  Another song that’s slowly growing on me is the  “Papercut” featuring Youtuber and singer, Troye Sivan as well as “Addicted to a memory” which typically starts with  Bahari’s voice singing over progressive beats which rapidly spill over into a series of thumping electro synths.So  I disagree with Diplo’s tweet, this album is NOT shit. I don’t think it’s quite mind blowing, but it’s a good album and it has some really epic songs. It also has some songs which are  just bleh but it’s really all about how every individual perceives the music. Nevertheless,  I still think that Zedd is a genius and you should give this album a listen.

TCW RATING: 6.9/10

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